20 Steps to plan a multi-city trip



I’ve done it before and loves it when I have to do zero planning. Rock up to a place, visit the local Tourist Information Center and plan everything there. But recently as travel times are getting more precious, I spend more effort in planning it. I found this steps are useful on making the most of your short term trip. Especially to a place/country/continent you never visited before with a lot of things to offer.

  1. Consider the amount of leave you can manage to scoop. 3days? 5days? 7days? 2weeks? 3weeks? 1 month?
  2. Choose a place/several to go base on the above
  3. Consider the weather / season of the time of your leave – is this the best time of the year to go there or maybe other place will suit your liking more in terms of weather.
  4. Think about Visa
    1. If you are from 1st world country, you can worry less about this. But still do look on the info on the visa requirement before you book anything. Take into consideration how long will this visa process take. To enter some country it only takes one day process but to others it can be up to weeks. Basically you can apply for it within 3months before departure.
    2. If you do need a visa, or you are from a third world country, these are the 7 common requirements that you will have to prepare so you can rock up to the embassy with confidence and process your visa in a flash.
      1. Fill in Visa application form. The country application form to be filled is available to download from their website.
      2. Your passport with at least 6 months validity, a photocopy and an original.
      3. A Visa sized photo 4.5×4.5 or 2×2
      4. Flight details / E-ticket – travel agency can provide a mock e-ticket for you if you are hesitant to buy your ticket before attaining your visa.
      5. Itinerary with accommodation and activities. Hence we do all of the ‘draft’ planning first before applying for the visa – but if you don’t have the time just do a really basic one for your visa and modify it later. Thanks to the cancellable booking website it is not a panic attack ordeal to book an accommodation before getting a visa – you can always cancel later.
      6. Bank Statement from within the past 3 months with sufficient fund. And it depends on how long will you be on that trip. A basic requirement is you need to have $300 for each day you will be in the country.
      7. Letter from your employer stating your leave has been approved OR from your parents of underage OR a prove letter of owned business depends on your career.
  1. Book your plane ticket. Consider to buy one way into a city and return from another when country hopping. Look for multi city option on your booking website. For Airasia multi-city booking is cheaper.
  2. Start reading guides on your destination for inspiration and leisure and let the brainstorm begins.If you already follow/has favourite blog, look if they have a blogpost on it. If not your search engine/pinterest will be your best friend. But you will find that there are shitloads of seemingly good guides.Shortlist your search into roughly the amount of days you’d spend in the place. Choose just the TOP 10 GUIDES that is most thorough, easy to follow and appealing to you. You can read more but everything after will just be bonus.
  1. List all of cities you plan to hop or wish to visit in the country and then make it into headings so that you can write notes underneath.
  2. List the attraction you found appealing in each cities – Make a mark on all the MUST SEE. But most importantly take mark on the place YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE/DO. Save the rest for your next time.
  3. Divide cities into their separated regions (most commonly north/south/west/east/central)- There may be a guide that already do this for you.
  4. Jot down the place you want to go on the list under these different headings.
  5. Ask friend/relative who’s been to the place and add the must see destination that may not be on any guide. Also they may have handy tips and best of all – they personally knows you so they will know what you’ll like or don’t.
  6. Place all the cities on google maps if you are city hopping. Are they on the way ? are they convenient to one another? Eliminate city you only plan to spend a day at that cost you 10 hours back and forth from the main city you plan to spend longer time at or an absolute must go. You rather spend those 10 hours on other things. You can explore it on your future trip.
  7. Now is the time where you will type your note into a neat soft copy and look for their address.
  8. It is easy then to copy paste address into google map
  9. Do a route plan on the map
  10. Eliminate outliers from the list (place too far off you can afford to miss this time around that is not worth the journey)
  11. Book accommodation according to your personalised map – this is generally what all the hard work is for so you can book near where you want to go (if you are those who like to book ahead).
  12. Apply for the Visa if you haven’t already
  13. Look at transport options.
    1. If you are city hopping, what is the best mode of transport? Plane/train/bus/rent-a-car and is there a tourist pass for this?
    2. What is the most convenient and cost-effective mode of transport for inner city – rent-a-car/bus/train. Any available day pass?
  14. Think about packing

Now that you get a rough idea of the place, sit back and enjoy.

20 Travel Checklist

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