Rokurinsha – Must Try Tsukumen at JR Tokyo Station

Rokurinsha-Tsukumen (6)

Tsukumen – Rokurinsha

There are 4 types of Noodles in Japan I was eager to try; ramen, tsukumen, soba and Udon. Not only Japanese food is definitely one of the best in the world, I can say that the noodles are THE BEST! Tsukumen is thick noodle that needs to be dipped in a very rich broth before a big messy slurp. Where’s one of the place to sample this? Rokurinsha, a place famous for its tsukumen very conveniently located at JR Tokyo Station.

We were told by the Tourist Information lady about a ramen street near the Train Station. I was imagining it to be outside the station, an actual street with rows of outdoor ramen carts. I was pretty excited for the sight. It turns out that it is actually inside the station and very modern looking. So we were looking at different ramen shops, some has very interesting interior but one really stand out from the rest thanks to the queue that wrapped the place. So guess which one we decided to try.

We trust the queue so we join the line. It is only till when we get to see the menu that we found out that this place is actually popular for its tsukumen.

First Impressions

Choosing the menu is easy. Everybody almost has the same thing which is the dip noodle. The different between special dip noodle and dip noodle is that the special dip noodle comes with soft boiled eggs and more topping. I think that soft boiled eggs are a must with Japanese noodle so we ordered the special dip noodle in a heartbeat.


Even though the line is extremely long and costumer keeps coming, the turnover rate is very quick. I start to think that noodles are like a fast food in Japan. They were very quick to serve and quick to consume. It helps that for a Japanese restaurant, this place is considered quite large so there are a lot of seats available. I’m glad we get in the line.


The clear bestseller menu in this place is the Special Dip noodle. It also has shrimp flavour dip noodles, flavoured soft boiled eggs dip noodle, and spicy dip noodles. For those who rather have ramen, they have soy sauce and pork bone broth ramen which sounds really delicious.

Rokurinsha-Tsukumen (10)

Special Dip Noodles

This is the first time I ever tried a tsukumen. The noodle was served separate with tlyhe broth. The broth is not like your normal ramen broth. It is thicker, richer and saltier.

Rokurinsha-Tsukumen (8)

Dipping Broth

The consistency is somewhere in between runny gravy and soup. It has more depth of flavour later I found out as it is made of pork base, as well as chicken and fish. Though the broth is very rich and thick you control the flavouring as the noodle are not seasoned and is separate to it. Dipping the noodles in the broth is the most fun experience of eating this dish. Each slurp can have a different taste sensation.

The broth was topped with pork slices, pickled bamboo, a slice of fish cake, green onion, some dried fish flakes and to top it all, a perfectly soft boiled egg with golden centre.

Rokurinsha-Tsukumen (7)

Al dente noodles

The noodle is thick and al dente. It has the perfect chewiness I love. The salty broth compliments the thick noodles well as they don’t hold or absorb the broth. The portion of the noodles is very generous, more serving of noodles compare to all the other noodles I ate. But they are so good that you’ll be able to finish it and think that the amount is just right. It was a joy to dip the noodles a few strands at a time and enjoy the beautiful combination with alternate bites of soft boiled egg and tender pork to give burst of flavours.

Rokurinsha-Tsukumen (9)

Tender Pork Slices

I was actually surprised I manage to finish the whole thing and felt just nice about it. I even could keep going if there’s more.


We were served free complimentary green tea with our noodles.


Fast and efficient service – couldn’t be better.


Special Dip Noodle (with soft boiled eggs) 1060 JPY

Dip Noodle (without soft boiled eggs) 830 JPY

Shrimp flavour dip noodles 930 JPY

Flavoured soft boiled egg dip noodles 930 JPY

Spicy dip noodles 930 JPY

Special soy sauce and pork bone broth ramen (with soft boiled eggs) 900 JPY

Soy sauce and pork bone broth ramen (without soft boiled eggs) 700 JPY

Extra serving of Roasted Pork Fillet 300 JPY

Rokurinsha-Tsukumen (5)


Overall and Return ability

Will I return? Yes please! I wish I live in Japan so that I can eat this well every day.

After we finish our meal the line outside seems to be getting longer.


Tokyo Ramen Street, JR Tokyo Station
Japan, 〒100-0005 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Marunouchi, 1−9−1, 東京駅一番街 B1 東京ラーメンストリート内

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