Best and Most Authentic Cafe in Brunei – Chop Jing Chew


Chop Jing Chew

I vote Chop Jing Chew (pronounced Ying Chew) to be the best and most authentic café in Brunei. The poster said that it has been around since 1946 that was during the war so there is no wonder it is so good.

Brunei is a small country in Borneo Island. It is unique and is a great stopover place for 2-3 days. Place like Chop Jing Chew is certainly one of the highlights of Brunei.

This café serves super soft pillowy buns fresh from the oven at around 3.00-3.30pm. Be sure to come here around this time as it is when the many glistening buns are floating around ready to be served fresh from the oven. Around 3.00-3.30pm is where people are having their afternoon tea time so it is the best time to come. Even though it is busy, there is no problem getting a seat because the place is very spacious and the turnover rate is rapid.

A visit to Chop Jing Chew for a bite and hot beverage as a break during office hour certainly will replenish the mind.

What are the specialties in Chop Jing Chew?


Chop Jing Chew (7)

Various Buns

Their specialty is the fresh buns with various fillings. They have peanut and sugar, red bean, buttermilk, cheese, plain bun, roti kuning (Yellow bread), roti kawin, roti with egg and other food like flat rice noodles with sauce.

Roti Kuning is a yellow loaf of bread. Roti Kuning kawin is roti kuning served as a sandwich with kaya (coconut jam) and butter.

Chop Jing Chew (9)

Roti Telur and Roti Kuning

My favourites are the cheese bun and peanut butter kaya kawin bun (what a mouthful). Kawin translated to marriage but it just mean a combination. The filling of this buns and sandwiches are very generous. The peanut butter is actually crushed peanuts. The combination of generous butter, crushed peanuts, coconut jam and cotton soft bun is truly a treat.


Roti Peanut Butter Kawin

I also love the flat rice noodles served with fried sliced fish and sauce. I’ve never had flat rice noodles prepared this way in any other place so it can be that this is the only place that does this.


Flat Rice Noodles with Battered Fried Fish

Last but not least, the perfect side dish for any breakfast and afternoon tea time is a couple of soft boiled eggs. We love to eat soft boiled eggs with our toast and bread. The perfect soft boiled egg is always runny and gooey. The yolks maintain its perfect shape until you decide to poke it with your spoon. For taste, you add a dash of soy sauce and pepper.


The best drink to wash down all of the above is teh tarik (pulled milk tea). I always like mine ‘kurang manis’ means less sugar/sweet. Other than the milk tea they have other common drinks like coffee and Milo.


This place is bustling during afternoon tea time (the only time you should come here). The service is as what you’d expect from typical kopitiam (traditional cafes). Though it is very busy, the service was fast and straight forward. The only time you have to wait for a while is when they are still baking the buns but there are always some substitute fillings (to the ones you requested) that may be available immediately.


The best thing about this place? It is so affordarble! You can easily spend $10 for just a couple of drinks in trendy cafes. In Chop Jing Chew? Here are what we just had among two of us

  • Cheese Buns x 2
  • Roti Peanut Butter Kawin x 2
  • Soft Boiled Eggs x 2
  • Freshly Pulled Milk Tea x 2

I was stuffed and satisfied and it only cost us a total BND 7.60 for everything.

Overall and Return ability

Amazing buns, great value, must visit, definitely will return!

Where is it?

Simpang 5, No. 10, Jalan Gadong, 1/2km, Bandar Seri Begawan BE4119, Brunei



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