Hi All

My name is Win and WELCOME to my blog.

I love to travel and do extensive research (asking people, grabbing all the brochures in the airport, stalk the many impressive travel and food blog out there). One thing for sure is that when I’m in a place I like to explore and see everything in the time constraint that I have. This is what you will find in this blog, the highlights of things worth checking out from a place and the MUST TRY food because I love to eat! Most of the places I only visited for a few days but it is amazing how short a time needed for amazing things to happen.

The restaurant I reviewed here will only be ones that I tried and worthy of recommendation. They will have to have a returnable/unique factor that makes me take the effort and time to share with you guys!

The idea of this blog comes to me when traveling in Penang. When I was in Penang we found many interesting discoveries that I feel so inspired to share it with others who may find it useful. I was further inspired by advice from Gretchen Rubin that everyone should have a blog.

Why the name Wanderlust Djournal? When I first heard of the world wanderlust, it intrigues me. Wanderlust means “A deep uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel”-  that is so me. This is probably the most used word since it was known to exist but this word resonate the most with me as well as many of you, I’m sure. So I added Djournal which I get the inspiration from a coffee shop (I’m a coffee addict too, by the way which you have already figure out if you are reading this blog).

I want to share my journey and discoveries, a step at a time.

I’m crappie at photography (I promise it’ll get better) and my writing skills definitely needs improving too but I’d like to believe…

Everyone starts somewhere.

Start with what you have,

where you are

as who you are.

More about me:

I love to eat probably as much as travel, those two are hands in hands for me. I’m those who will be willing to drive 3 hours and queue up for another 3 just to try some special cuisine. Yes you will see a lot of food in this blog too.

You can follow me in getting to know the world, one tiny bite at a time on

instagram, pinterest, twitter and facebook


Don’t let anybody hold you back.

and go on an Adventure!




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